Computer Resources News – March 2018

The CR Winter Release
Improved usability- do more with student data every day!
For a quick look, check out this short video.

The Top Ten Answers to questions you ask in March
You can find this compilation of questions asked at this time of year here: Top Ten Answers for March

Professional Development
What’s new in MMS? Take a tour of the new functionality added in the Winter Release. MMS Online: Transcripts, Grade Averaging and Manage Course Requests. All clients: Report Cards. This session is offered on two separate dates: March 5 and March 22.

Calculating Grade Averages in CR Portals. MMS Online: Learn how to setup and calculate Grade Averaging in the portals. Grade Averaging allows you to weight various grades into an average based on the numeric grades or grade points. Decide what to do if a grade is missing in the calculation. Set additional rules for exclusion. Set up a minimum grade. Implement the Current Final Averages for the Web Portals. This session is offered on: March 12.

Manage Course Requests. MMS Online: Learn how to manage student course requests from Online Course Registration to import them into your database and to clear the table after the import is complete. This session will also cover some key reports to generate during and after the import is complete. This session is offered on: March 19.

Family Engagement. Engage your students’ families through CR Family (MMS Online) or the Parent Portal (Self Hosted). Now is a good time to learn how to setup the CR Family and the Parent/Student Portals. Take a tour of the CR Family and CR Family Mobile! This session is offered on: March 26.

Starting on March 5, Open Forums are moving to Thursday afternoons at 2PM. This is your opportunity to ask any question about MMS, Vision, or CR Enrollment Packet. Please feel free to drop in even if you did not have time to submit your questions in advance.

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