Top 10 March Support Answers

To save you time as you get ready for student photos, PVAAS, GPAs and honor roll, online course registrations, and school year rollover, here are the answers to the Top 10 support requests we receive each March.

Need help with PVAAS reporting? Just select a step below:
PVAAS Part 1 Preparing your PVAAS Data
PVAAS Part 2 Create Update Teacher Assignments
PVAAS Part 3 Create Update Teacher Student Responsibility
PVAAS Part 4 Staff Student Subtest

#2 Everything Scheduling
Ready to start scheduling?
To view all of our knowledge base articles on scheduling click here.
To view all of our knowledge base articles on using the ASB click here.

#3 Withdrawing Students
Withdrawing students from courses?
Try it from the staff portal here.

#4 Calculating GPA and Class Rank
Ready to start on this year’s transcripts? Class Rank missing from transcripts? Need to compute Class Rank for list building?
For Term GPA, click here.
For Career GPA, click here.
For Current Year GPA, click here.
Compute or Add Class Rank to transcripts by clicking here.
Clear Class Rank Field by clicking here.

#5 Calculating Term and Semester Averages
Time to Calculate Final, Quarter, or Semester one averages?
To Calculate Term and Semester Averages in MMS Generations, click here.

#6 Importing Student Pictures
Plan to import student pictures?
For MMS Online, click here.
For Self-Hosted, click here.

#7 Configure Online Course Registration
Ready to start course registration for 17-18?
Configure online course registration, click here.

#8 Configuring One Call Now
Need to change the data being exported to One Call Now?
For info on how to configure One Call Now click here.

#9 Exporting Files
Looking for a way to export files from your MMS Online instance?
For assistance with configuring Output options from MMS Generations, click here.

#10 School Year Maintenance and Roll Over
Looking to start building the new school year early? Getting ready to start on next year’s schedules?
For Administrative Checklist for the New School Year, click here.
For a short video on setting up the new school year to schedule, click here.

For more short videos on the above, try out our new video gallery.
Still need to contact support? Try our new support form to submit a request.