Central Massachusetts Collaborative Extends Partnership with Computer Resources to Improve Student Information Management for Massachusetts Schools

Educational Management Leaders Partner to Improve the Quality and Simplify Real-time Data Management and Reporting


Worcester, MA (October 24, 2017) –

Building on their history of serving school districts with exceptional student-centric services, Central Massachusetts Collaborative (CMC) is extending its capacity to help all Massachusetts schools manage the quality, timeliness, and reporting of Massachusetts SIF data. In doing so, they have partnered with a leading provider of student information management systems, Computer Resources, LLC, an expert in the management of District/State reporting relationships, and provider of core student information systems.


“Computer Resources provides a core suite of tools that make it possible to scale student information management to serve every individual student better, while streamlining the complex processes around state reporting,” says Leo Brehm, CIO of CMC. “With the efficiencies we find working with Computer Resources, we can extend hands-on data management services to districts across Massachusetts so they can focus their own staff on building better learning environments.”


Computer Resources’ core SIS, and Vision Dashboarding and Reporting software, uses data from district-wide applications to provide comprehensive insight into trends affecting student success. The CR SIS gives educators a highly flexible interface to enter and manage student data, while CR Vision allows schools to quality-check data from multiple district applications before it’s submitted to the state, saving time that’s often absorbed in error resolution after the fact. The CR SIF Agent provides a reliable communications channel with state agencies.


“Computer Resources has been serving schools for over a generation, by not only providing the tools and services they need to manage student data, but also to help manage their relationship with states and accreditation agencies,” said Mike Bronder, Executive Director of Computer Resources. “Partnering with other expert organizations like CMC helps magnify our experience so we can reach more schools, and ultimately help them streamline administrative tasks so they can stay centered on their students’ progress.”


About Central Massachusetts Collaborative

The Central Massachusetts Collaborative is an approved public-school entity through the Massachusetts Department of Elementary and Secondary Education. CMC was founded in 1975 through the collaboration between Webster Public Schools and Worcester Public Schools to provide educational, clinical, and therapeutic services to children in grades Kindergarten through 12. Learn more at www.cmasscollaborative.org


About Computer Resources LLC

Computer Resources has been a trusted provider of technology infrastructures for K-12 schools since 1978. They provide tools and services to create better learning environments where educators can stay focused on student performance. Their SIS features integration capabilities with more than two hundred popular tools designed to serve schools. The staff at Computer Resources understands school district needs and the goal of administrators to use data to support their students, their schools, and their community. Learn more about Computer Resources at www.cri-mms.com


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