Computer Resources Announces New Release, Competency-based grading support, Communication Tools, and More

New Release Coming Soon!
Our next release focuses on support for competency-based grading, school-home communication, and support for educational collaboratives.

For MMS OnLine Users:

  • New Competency and Outcome-based progress reports and teacher views
  • Responsive interface for grades management
  • Enrollment for career and technical programs, and educational collaboratives
  • Resolutions to previously identified issues

For self-hosted users, the update will include:

  • New Competency and Outcome-based progress reports and teacher views
  • Extended report card configuration in portals and tablet view
  • Resolutions to previously identified issues

Look for the new release to go live in mid-October!

Improve Your Data Quality with These Tools
Enrollment Packet– improve data quality and keep student information up to date across all applications
Vision Dashboards and Reporting– for quicker and easier data validation while enhancing data quality

Engage Families with Communication Between School and Home
The CR Family Mobile Appputs data at students’ and parents’ fingertips
CR Family Portal– keeps families engaged with their students’ academic lives – including multilingual families

Got Questions? Here Are the Top Ten Answers for October
Top 10 answers to the questions you have each October

CR Inform
Professional Development for MMS Users
To keep on top of the changes in technology and software, attending classes, conferences, and webcasts has become a necessity. CR Inform 2017 is our first Virtual Conference. We know that you have a busy schedule – which is one reason why we are going Virtual and making it easier to attend this event. Enjoy this event from your office, home, or anywhere that has an internet connection.

Pricing includes access for your Staff and Teachers. Join us to get the skills you need to be successful. If your role requires continued education and staying on top of the new features and best practices of CR Portals, Enrollment Packet, Vision, or any of our other tools, this is the event for you!

When: November 15-16, 2017
Time: 9:00 AM – 3:00 PM
Where: Your desk!

It’s easy to register, just head to the site!

The key thing is to get registered and set aside the time on your calendar – and we’ll see you there!

Status Dashboard
Check out our new Status Dashboard. This dashboard indicates the operational status of your MMS components. Visit the Status Dashboard here.

In-Product messaging
Beginning this month, look for important service and maintenance updates on your Single Sign On Launchpad. If you don’t have access to this launchpad yet, please contact support to schedule a time for your upgrade.

Professional Development for you and your staff

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