CR MMS News January 2017

Parents Love CR Family Mobile
To improve parent and family engagement, CR districts have been implementing CR Family since its release last month, and the positive feedback is overwhelming! You can see for yourself how we are improving parent engagement – Watch the video here!

New updates, based on your feedback – Coming in February

  • CR Student Access to real-time assignment, schedule, and attendance data
  • CR Family Communications – Email and Call directly from CR Family
  • Data Management- Users can configure app data usage profiles
  • and more!

Get Started Now!
Call us at 888.665.4046 or email to learn how to get started with CR Family!

Top 10 January Support Answers
Save time as you get ready for report cards, snow days, mail merge, and school year roll over. Here are the answers to the Top 10 support requests we receive each January.

#1 Swapping Teachers Assigned to Courses
Are long-term or short-term subs filling in? Do you need to switch the primary teacher for a course?
To switch the teacher assigned to a course, click here.

#2 Snow Days
Have you recently had a snow day? Do you need to delay automated phone calls from One Call Now? Need to make bus delay calls? Does your calendar need to be adjusted for a snow day?
Zero out calendar session days, click here.
(step 3 for the MMS Generations Calendar Editor) or (Step 2c for the Staff Portal Calendar Editor).
Extend marking period dates in the portal, click here.
To update Student Contact Info Manually in One Call Now click (Step 8) here.
Want to create new call lists in One Call Now? Click here.

#3 Transfer Attendance Totals to Skills Report Card
Need to transfer attendance totals for a student to the student report card?
To transfer attendance totals to the report card click here.

#4 Calculating GPA & Class Rank
Ready to start on this year’s transcripts? Class Rank missing from transcripts? Need to compute Class Rank for list building?
For Term GPA, click here.
For Career GPA, click here.
For Current Year GPA, click here.
Compute or Add Class Rank to transcripts by clicking here.
Clear Class Rank Field by clicking here.

#5 Calculating Term & Semester Averages
Time to Calculate Final, Quarter, or Semester one averages?
To Calculate Term and Semester Averages in MMS Generations, click here.

#6 Report Card Grades Missing
Skills Grades missing or blank from the Skills Report Card?
To display the missing grades, click here.

#7 Importing Student Pictures
Plan to import student pictures?
For MMS Online, click here.
For Self-Hosted, click here.

#8 School Year Maintenance & Roll Over
Looking to start building the new school year early? Getting ready to start on next year’s schedules?
For Administrative Checklist for the New School Year, click here.
For a short video on setting up the new school year to schedule, click here.

#9 RDP Account Access
Are user accounts locked? Do users need their passwords changed? We have some resources available that can help.
For Windows, click here.
For Mac, click here.

#10 Using Biographical Mail Merge
Do you need to send out a mass notification to parents populated with Biographical data?
To send it via the portals, click here.

For more short videos on the above, try out our new video gallery.

Still need to contact support? Try our new support form to submit a request.

Join Our Team – We’re Recruiting
You may have noticed a lot of new functionality coming from CR over the past couple of months. To fuel our growth, we’re looking for excellent people to join our team. Perhaps you can help? We’d love to hear about who you think would be a great addition to the CR Team. Some current openings include:

Email or give us a call at 888.665.4046.

Professional Development
Get a jump on the February “top ten” support calls by attending a January webinar. We have a full calendar of live webinars lined up for your professional development needs. The convenient live webinars and the recorded webinars from our video library are free to users whose schools have an Unlimited Webinar Subscription.

Here are the webinars for January:

January 5
Scheduling for Elementary and Small Schools
Intended Audience: Registrars and Schedulers

Learn which tools in the MMS toolbox are the best to use when creating schedules for elementary and small schools. Covered in this session: what data to roll, how to input student requests and scheduling students.

January 6
Timely Topic: The New School Year
Intended Audience: Registrars and Administrators

Timely Topics is a forum where you bring your questions and we pull questions from Support and Professional Development. Today’s topic is Creating the New School Year. We invite you to join in the discussion. Please submit your questions to

January 9
Setting Up Online Course Registration
Intended Audience: Registrars and Schedulers

Learn how to set up course catalog information for the upcoming year and limit which courses students may select. Implement Course Alternates. See how students can input course requests in the Parent or Student Portal on your website. Once finalized, import these requests back into your database and continue with the scheduling process.

January 10
Calculating Course Credits
Intended Audience: Guidance

Learn how to compute credits for the end of the school year and how they influence report cards, transcripts, and graduation requirements.

January 11
The 7 Semester Transcript
Intended Audience: Guidance

Learn how to generate a 7 Semester Transcript. Use this transcript for your seniors who are applying to college. Include demographics, school information, academic standing, activities and more. Opt to include final averages for prior years and ongoing term grades for the current year.

January 12
Timely Topic: VISION Reports
Intended Audience: Everyone

Timely Topics is a forum where you bring your questions and we pull questions from Support and Professional Development. Today’s topic is creating reports in VISION. Find out how others are using VISION. We invite you to join in the discussion. Please submit your questions to

January 16
Calculating Grade Averages
Intended Audience: Guidance

Grade Averaging allows you to weight various grades into an average based on the numeric grades or grade points. Decide what to do if a grade is missing in the calculation. Set additional rules for exclusion. Set up a minimum grade. Implement the Current Final Averages for the Web Portals.

January 17
Ready for the New School Year?
Intended Audience: Administrators, IT, Registrars, and Schedulers

Now is the time to get the New Year off and running. Streamline the process by copying much of the current year’s information into next year. Add returning students and those coming from other schools in your district. Enter new student registrations directly into the database. Update the information specific to the new school year and get going. Configure dates for terms, calendars and the Web Portal.

January 18
Intended Audience: Administrators, Registrars, and Secretaries

Now is the time to review your data for the PVAAS export and review the multi-step process to create files needed for PA DOE.

January 19
Timely Topic: Scheduling
Intended Audience: Registrars and Schedulers

Timely Topics is a forum where you bring your questions and we pull questions from Support and Professional Development. Today’s topic is all about Scheduling. New School Year. Current Year. Data and the tools within MMS. We invite you to join in the discussion. Please submit your questions to

January 23
GPA and Class Rank
Intended Audience: Guidance

Learn what you need to compute the end of year GPA and Class Rank. See how these impact report cards and transcripts.

January 24
ASB: Constraints
Intended Audience: Registrars and Schedulers

Users will gain an understanding of how the Automated Schedule Builder creates course sections based on guidelines that they set. Topics covered include the basics of defining course codes and descriptions, how to determine the number of sections needed per course, maximum enrollment figures per section and how to allocate resources, such as meeting rooms and teacher assignments.

January 25 
ASB: Section Patterns
Intended Audience: Registrars and Schedulers

Automated Schedule Builder (ASB) will build the Master Schedule based on information you set up. Start by creating sample section definitions organized into Section Pattern groups. These Section Pattern groups are then associated with specific courses. Understanding how the ASB works with these Section Patterns to speed up the scheduling process.

January 26
Timely Topic: Grade Averaging
Intended Audience: Guidance

Timely Topics is a forum where you bring your questions and we pull questions from Support and Professional Development. Today’s topic is all about Grade Averaging. January and February is the period when first semester averages are calculated. Ask your questions before calculating averages. We invite you to join in the discussion. Please submit your questions to

January 30 
Interactive Schedule Builder
Intended Audience: Registrars and Schedulers

The Interactive Schedule Builder (ISB) provides a hands-on approach to master schedule creation. You have complete control of the priority and order of the courses to be scheduled and each stage of the scheduling process. An on-screen matrix shows student availability by day, week, and term for each course to be scheduled. This program allows you to create dynamic course sections – eliminating the need to pre-define course sections prior to a scheduling run. You can determine enrollment limits, designate resources, link paired courses and labs. And you can use “What if?” scenarios to experiment with different schedules to determine which one best meets the needs of your students and the resources of your school.

January 31
ASB: A Suite of Scheduling Tools
Intended Audience: Registrars and Schedulers 

The Automated Schedule Builder does more than build your section table. Pull Students from their sections. Pull room and teacher assignments from the sections. Assign rooms and teachers to the section table. Select sections to mass delete. Even if the ASB is not your scheduling tool of choice, it still has a lot to offer.

February 1
Keeping the Database Healthy
Intended Audience: Administrators and IT

Performing periodic maintenance on the database will help it run smoothly and efficiently. Knowing the backup and restore procedures will give you peace of mind. Learn how to use administrative utilities to solve problems.

February 2
Timely Topic: Database Maintenance
Intended Audience: Administrators and IT

Timely Topics is a forum where you bring your questions and we pull questions from Support and Professional Development. Today’s topic is all about keeping your database in tip-top shape. Even for those schools who use MMS Online – there are still tasks that you need to perform to keep your MMS data purring. We invite you to join in the discussion. Please submit your questions to

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