School Nurses and Student Information Systems Partner to Create Healthy Learning Environments

School Nurses and Student Information Systems Partner to Create Healthy Learning Environments New Hampshire Companies, PSNI and Computer Resources, Bring Combined Expertise to Bear on Public Health Issues in Schools

Barrington, NH- September 30, 2014- More than 4,000,000 US students have a new alliance on their side to help head-off the worst of the pending flu season. To stay ahead of school and public health concerns, and to further support school nurses, the MMS Student Information Platform and SNAP Health Center Systems are integrating to provide comprehensive and customizable school health and information programs to make schools more effective in preventing and communicating about school health concerns.

School nurses are often overlooked as the first line of defense against public health outbreaks like influenza, meningitis and Entrerovirus 68. Ensuring that nurses have access to up-to-date parent contact data, knowledge of students’ course schedules, current health conditions, and immunizations in a secure and compliant platform, makes it easier for them to involve the appropriate stakeholders at the appropriate time before outbreaks spread.

Bruce Chakrin, Director of Technology, SAU 39, Amherst, Mont Vernon and Souhegan Public Schools says, “Both SNAP Health Center and MMS are experts in their fields and have been providing excellent software for both Nurses and Student Information for decades. This partnership will make it even easier for schools to both treat individual students more effectively, communicate with parents, and to provide public health agencies with the aggregate data they need to react quickly to health trends.”

With the right tools to make documentation easier, engage parents, and facilitate positive outcomes, schools can:

  • Stay ahead of district-wide health concerns and safety risks before problems arise
  • Be confident in immunization audit compliance
  • Facilitate communication between medical staff, teachers, and parents to maximize academic performance
  • Synchronize critical student health data across secure systems
  • Report on and analyze the overall health status of a district
  • Stay in 100% compliance with FERPA and HIPAA
  • Access both MMS Student Information and SNAP Health Center anytime, anywhere through secure cloud services

About Computer Resources:

Since 1978, Computer Resources has been a leading provider of K-12 technology infrastructures, including the MMS Student Information Platform.  They provide a wide range of tools and services to create a healthy and organized school that can stay focused on student and teacher performance. Their modular systems give teachers, parents, administrators, and students access to the data and resources necessary to ensure that everyone has what they need to create outstanding educational environments. Learn more about MMS and Computer Resources at

About PSNI:

Professional Software for Nurses, Inc. (PSNI) is a nurse-owned software company whose mission is to make the work of the school medical staff more efficient and effective. Since 1992, PSNI has been committed to blending the best of nursing informatics with state of the art computer science. PSNI’s staff includes RNs, experienced school nurses, and nursing informatics specialists who work directly with program developers so that SNAP Health Center’s design reflects the true nature and needs of the school health clinic.

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Donna Brigley
Computer Resources, LLC.