MMS OnLine Welcomes Peabody Public Schools

Peabody Public Schools of Peabody Massachusetts are MMS OnLine’s newest users.

MMS OnLine offers the same rock-solid student information platform found in MMS – but in a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) implementation. The SaaS model of MMS OnLine represents a great value for schools, eliminating the overhead of software licensing, server maintenance, and multiple vendor contracts. MMS OnLine enables schools to streamline the management of their student information so school administrators can keep their staff focused on improving instruction, instead of maintaining complex computerized systems.

With client schools that span across the US, from Valdez Alaska to Tampa Florida, from Baileyville Maine to Menlo Park California, MMS supports educators in managing: registration, enrollment, scheduling, attendance, grading, report cards, standards tracking, graduation requirements, transcripts, GPAs, assessment, fees and tuition billing, discipline, and more.

The team at Computer Resources does more than develop software to manage school data. Much of our staff is comprised of former educators who have a life-long interest in education. We have a passion for supporting school systems so that every student receives an education that will encourage and inspire them to be the innovators of tomorrow.

Contact us to find out more about MMS:   888-665-4046