Benjamin Banneker Charter School says yes to MMS OnLine

The staff of Benjamin Banneker Charter School in Kansas City Missouri have been using the MMS Student Information System for years. They recently decided to upgrade from the self-hosted version of MMS to MMS OnLine, the software-as-a-service version of the popular Student Information Platform.

With MMS OnLine, the Computer Resources staff keeps the system running smoothly. With technical upgrades and continually updated software and hardware, MMS OnLine is an affordable alternative to a self-hosted student information system. MMS OnLine users benefit from personalized technical support with a live technician for troubleshooting, remote desktop sharing capabilities, and monitoring of all systems and resources.

Whether you already use MMS, or if you are looking for a student data management solution, MMS OnLine might be the right choice for your school. Contact us at 888-665-4046 or visit for more information.