Computer Resources welcomes Cumberland-Perry Technical School to MMS OnLine

Computer Resources is pleased to announce that Cumberland-Perry Technical School has joined the cadre of MMS OnLine users. MMS OnLine provides the same rock-solid student information platform as the self-hosted version of MMS, only Computer Resources takes care of the maintenance while the data is housed in our secure storage facility.

MMS OnLine simplifies administration so schools can focus on their goals and mission. Eliminating the overhead of software licensing, server maintenance, and multiple vendor contracts allows school districts to streamline the management of their student information across their schools. With MMS OnLine, school administrators can keep their staff focused on improving instruction, instead of maintaining complex computerized systems. The decision to use MMS OnLine may be the easiest part of being a school administrator!

Frank Flamini, of Cumberland-Perry Technical School, finds success with MMS OnLine. Originally a user of the MMS self-hosted model, Flamini’s teachers made the transition to MMS OnLine during the 2013-2014 school year. “Not only is MMS OnLine convenient, but it is a great time-saver for teachers,” Flamini said. “In a technical school environment, the ability to track skills grades is very important. MMS allows us to learn what the students can do.”

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We had terrific success with the MMS Teacher Gradebook during the first marking period. Our staff found it easy to learn. Ease of implementation was great; a lot of positive comments from staff; it could not have gone any better.

Frank Flamini

Cumberland Perry Area Vocational Technical School