MMS Awarded MA SIF Certification

MMS Awarded MA SIF™ Certification

Barrington, NH – January 10, 2014 —  Computer Resources, developer of the MMS Student Information Platform for K-12 schools, is pleased to announce that the Massachusetts Department of Elementary and Secondary Education (DESE) has awarded the MMS software suite its state certification for the Schools Interoperability Framework™ (SIF). Computer Resources is a leading vendor in SIF reporting within the US.

According to William A. Holscher, the State SIF Program Manager, the “Massachusetts Department of Elementary and Secondary Education is first to deploy a true enterprise wide event driven, real-time, SIF Framework which will be used by districts for state data reporting. The real time integration with Student Claiming, Edwin Analytics and Edwin Teaching and Learning provides both functional and technical value to SIF Districts.”

In keeping with Computer Resources’ commitment to make it easy to use student data to improve outcomes, this certification is a benchmark for both the State of Massachusetts and Massachusetts schools. The innovative dashboards, resources, and educational interventions that the DESE is developing depend on good, clean data and a dependable SIS to provide real-time communication between school districts and DESE systems. Computer Resources embeds data safeguards into its system so that all student data is cleansed and formatted automatically to support a broad range of states’ electronic data reporting efforts.

Specifically, the Massachusetts program will reduce or eliminate duplicate data entry, saving time and making it easier for school administrators and educators to gather the information they need to make informed decisions.

“We know that there are two sides to state data reporting projects,” says Mike Bronder, Group Vice President for Computer Resources. “Districts and charter schools need to have data normalization built into an easy to use workflow while states need that data to be perfect when it arrives for use in these complex systems. Massachusetts made a big commitment to its school districts when they promised this project, and we are very proud to be among the first student information systems to be certified.”

About Schools Interoperability Framework:

The Schools Interoperability Framework Association (SIFA) is a non-profit organization made up of software publishers like Computer Resources, school districts, state educational organizations, and others committed to improving the process of education in the US. The goal of the SIF initiative is to enable diverse software applications to share data without the need for expensive customized programming within each school district and to deliver accurate information to school and district personnel when and where it is needed.

About Computer Resources:

Computer Resources has been a trusted and leading provider of technology infrastructures for K-12 schools since 1978. They provide a wide range of tools and services to create a healthy and organized school that can stay focused on student and teacher performance. Their modular systems give teachers, parents, administrators and students access to the data and resources necessary to ensure that everyone has what they need to create outstanding educational environments. Learn more about MMS and Computer Resources at