Teachers need to manage a tremendous amount of data for each of their students. Academic performance, assignment completion, skill attainment, attendance, behavior - all add up to a 360-degree view of the student that helps teachers modify their instruction. Improve educational outcomes with CR Teacher Dashboards, where teachers can:
  • See real-time data for each student
  • Develop insight into what teaching techniques work
  • Modify instruction based on the data
  • Determine who needs re-teaching and assessment
  • Save time with immediate interventions
  • Access and share data through reporting
Vision Teacher Dashboards and Reporting is available as an add-on to the powerful VISION application that is included with every MMS Online site.

What is Vision?

When a school has Vision, they put the power of data into educators' hands. Timely information, presented in meaningful ways, on any device means that teachers, staff, and administrators can do their jobs more easily and confidently. 

Available via the web or handheld, Vision by CR allows schools and districts to create custom dashboards and analysis to support daily activities or strategic initiatives.