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The PIMS module has made the state's PIMS reporting so much easier for me. I appreciate that CRI has stayed on top of this and given us updates as needed.
Judy Eller (Director of Information Technology),
Bedford Area School District
Bedford, PA

Pennsylvania PIMS

MMS For Schools includes a dedicated PA PIMS menu including:

  • Easy to use PIMS specific edit screens,
  • Predefined pick lists for quick selection of State required codes,
  • A PIMS Standard Export operation that will generate files that meet your state's requirements. MMS produces exports such as: PASecureID, Student, Student Snapshot, School Enrollment, Programs Fact, Student Calendar Fact, Staff Demographics, Staff Snapshot, Staff Assignment, Course, Course Instructor, Student Course Enrollment, District Annual Facts, District Snapshot, District Fact no security staff, School Calendar, Graduate Report, Special Education Snapshot, Discipline, School Safety Reports (Incident, Person, Offender, Infraction, Action, Parental Involvement, Victim, Location Fact), Survey Participant Response (IU Survey, LEA Survey, School Survey), and support of last year's reporting format.
  • We meet the Pennsylvania Career and Technical Education (CTE) requirements with two additional exports: CTE Student Fact and CTE Student Industry Credential.
  • An Import PAsecureID Numbers job that imports state IDs provided to you by the state.
  • Built-in Student & Staff Ethnic Code conversion Utility
  • On-screen color coded fields indicating required, conditionally required (complete with PDE rule), and optional fields
  • Error detection reports against state rules upon demand
  • No need for editing template files in Excel

Pennsylvania State Reports

MMS completes the following Pennsylvania DOE required forms and reports:

  • Annual Attendance & Membership Report Elementary (PDE-4062 E)
  • Annual Attendance & Membership Report for Secondary (PDE 4062S)
  • Summary Report of Aggregate Days Membership (PDE 4002)
  • The Audit Data Report (intended to provide backup data for 4062 form)
  • School Invoicing Report for schools with non-resident students (i.e. those that would appear on PDE-4002)
  • Summary of E/W/R Codes by Register Code Report
  • Determination of District of Residence (PDE-4605)
  • NCLB ADA/ADM Attendance Report by Group
  • Enrollment Report by Group as of selected data
  • Calendar Analysis Report
  • HQT Report
  • Secondary Enrollment Class Grade/Gender
  • Class Sizes by Range
  • Membership report for Private Residential Rehab Institutions (PDE-4068)

And Some of the Newer Reports:

  • Charter School Annual Attendance & Membership Report (PDE-4062CS)
  • Charter School Summary Report of Aggregate Days Membership (PDE-4002CS)
  • Listing of Students in Charter School (PDE-4552CS)
  • Supplemental Charter School Enrollment (PDE-361)
  • Reconciliation Reports (detailed & summary)
  • Health: Body Mass Index (percentile, summary, and graphs)
  • Health: Immunization and Health Record
  • Health: Reimbursement for Health Services count data

MMS For Schools

Save Time, Streamline Workflow, Keep Everyone Informed:

  • Backed by three decades of expertise, MMS For Schools is the Student Information System of choice for hundreds of Pennsylvania schools!
  • MMS is a full-featured system, complete with a Teacher Portal offering an integrated Teacher Grade Book, Standards and Skills-Based Grades, Classroom Attendance and Discipline, and easy access to student and parent data.
  • The MMS Parent & Student Portals keep everyone involved and informed on a real-time basis, from home, or anywhere Internet access is available.
  • Administrators and staff enjoy a powerful set of tools to handle everything from data collection and reporting, to flexible scheduling, grade reporting, discipline management, health records, and much more.

More MMS Advantages:

  • Fully scalable SQL system for single schools or entire districts
  • Centralized, single installation, single database
  • Hosted on your servers or in our data center
  • Utilizing the latest Virtual Machine Technology or our MMS OnLine (SaaS) planwhichever fits your budget and needs
  • SIF Certified
  • Options for Cafeteria/Free & Reduced Management, Emergency Notification, Visitor/Security Management