Teacher Portal

The MMS Teacher Portal helps simplify your record keeping, so you’ll have more time to focus on your curriculum and students. All the features you need are in one convenient place, making your job easier. From a single website login, you can access your attendance, GradeBook, assignments, discipline, school bulletins, progress reports, announcements, and contact information for your students. Best of all, it is accessible from anywhere with Internet access, using only a web browser.




Our user-friendly web-based teacher GradeBook:

  • Integrates with our student information system which guarantees up-to-date student rosters, and use of your school’s terms, grades, and codes
  • Creates an unlimited number of assignments and applies weighting to assignment categories
  • Supports both traditional and standards-based grading with letter, numeric, or rubric grades
  • Provides real-time access for school staff
  • Produces assignment reports, progress reports, bulletin, class attendance summaries, health alerts, traditional or standards-based report cards
  • Tracks disciplinary and prints detention slips
  • Enter attendance by roster or seating chart
  • Enables parents and students to track their daily progress (see “Parent Portal”)

Standards Tracking and Grading

  • Quickly Import standards for implementation.
  • Easily Link standards to courses & assignments.
  • Automatically Average standards grades by: Simple Average, Most recent assessments, Power Law, or manually assignment.
  • Analyze class and student performance.


Testimonial (View More)

The use of the MMS gradebook online portion has been helpful. Guidance staff having easy access to live, changing grades and assignments has been very helpful in terms of intervening with students who need assistance.

Ron Matchock (Supervisor of Curriculum and Instruction), Curwensville Area School District