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CR MMS News – April 2018

The CR Spring Release The CR Spring Release went live last week. In case you haven’t heard, this latest release makes it easier for schools to leverage the Automated Schedule Builder to assign students to the courses they need and teachers to the courses they teach – automatically. Four significant improvements will help schools to schedule their students faster and easier this spring. Log into the website to learn more about scheduling with the latest release. Just-in-Time

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Your Top 10 Support Answers for April

To save you time as you get ready for student photos, GPAs, honor roll, online course registrations, skills report cards, and school year roll over, here are the answers to the Top 10 support requests we receive each April. #1 EWS Topics Configuring EWS for the new school year or setting up the EWS for the first time? Ready to roll EWS to the new school year? For configuration of the EWS agent click

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