Before you make that call… here are the Top 10 answers to questions asked in November

#1 Adding T2 or Q2 Session Days to the Calendar
Teachers unable to take attendance? No session days present error message?
To assign session days to the calendar click here.

#2 Mail Merge
Ready to send notification to the parents that the report card is available? Need to send out emails to parents about student attendance for the quarter?
For help with attendance mail merge click here.
Configure the biographical mail merge in the portals click here .

#3 Report Card has Blank or Missing Skills Grades
Skills grades missing or blank from the skills report card?
To display the missing grades click here.

#4 Transferring Attendance Totals
Need to transfer attendance totals for a student to the student report card?
To transfer attendance totals to the report card click here.

#5 Skills Report Card Projects
Would you like to add new skills, or additional skills to the existing skills report card?
Report additional skills on the skills report card by clicking here.

#6 Assigning Skills Report Cards
Unable to print skills report cards for new students?
To assign a skills report card to students enrolled after the start of school click here.

#7 Calculating GPA
Ready to start on this year’s transcripts?
For term GPA click here.
For career GPA click here.
For current year GPA click here.

#8 Calculating Class Rank
Class rank missing from transcripts? Need to compute class rank for list building?
Start by calculating GPA, then select an option from the below items:
Compute or add class rank to transcripts by clicking here .
Clear class rank field by clicking here.

#9 Calculating Honor Roll
Need to create the honor roll list for Q1?
To calculate honor roll click here.

#10 Calculating Credits
Calculating credits for use in transcripts?
For current year click here.
For career click here.
Course credits not calculating correctly? Click here.

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