Top 10 support answers for September

#1 Configuring and Printing the Daily Attendance Bulletin

Do you want to deliver the attendance bulletin to Portals users?

For help configuring the daily attendance bulletin click here


#2 Configuring the Teacher Portal Gradebook for Use

Are your teachers ready to start using the Grade Book in the Teacher Portal?

To configure the admin portal to allow teachers to set up Grade Book click here

For info on setting up the Grade Book in the Teacher Portal click here


#3 Systems Administration: Configuring MMS in preparation for taking attendance

Are teachers unable to take attendance? Do you need to prepare the system for daily attendance?

Step 1 Set up the Calendar session days here

Step 2 Configure Homeroom Attendance here

Step 3 Setup Online Class Attendance here


#4 Uploading and Importing student photos for use in the staff portal

Have you taken student photos, or received them from your vendor, and now want to load them into the system?

Load your student photos by clicking here


#5 PA SES Exports for Student Lunches

Getting ready to export MMS data to Primero Edge?

For instructions click here

Did you know that we offer an automated Primero Edge Export and Import? Contact your Sales representative for more info on how to automate this process.


#6 Parents: Parent Portal account creation and password management

Do parents have questions about creating accounts? Are parents requesting password changes, or are they locked out of their accounts?

For creating parent accounts click here

For info on how to reset a parent login click here


#7 Systems Administration: RDP Account Unlocks and Password Resets

Are user accounts locked? Do users need their passwords changed? We have some resources available that can help.

To unlock RDP accounts and change RDP account passwords from MMS Generations click here


#8 Creating User Accounts for Teachers, Staff, and MMS Generations Users

Have you added some new staff this year that need to be added to the system? Need to add substitutes?

For instructions on adding teacher accounts click here

For info on adding MMS Generations Users click here


#9 Generating and Resetting Student Logins

Do you need to generate a student portal account for your incoming student class?

For generating all student accounts, click here

Do you need to reset a student’s portal account?

Click here


#10 Using Biographical Mail Merge

Do you need to send out a mass notification populated with Biographical data to parents?

To send it via the portals click here

Do you still need to contact support? Try our new support form to submit a request.