Top 10 Support Answers for August

#1 Systems Administration: Setting up a Remote Desktop Connection

Did a user’s work station lose the MMS icon when the work station was re-imaged over the summer?

Add the icon back to their desktop by clicking here

#2 Systems Administration: RDP account Access

Are user accounts locked? Do users need their passwords changed? We have some resources available that can help.

For Windows click here
For Mac click here

#3 Systems Administration: Configuring MMS in preparation for taking attendance

Are teachers unable to take attendance? Do you need to prepare the system for daily attendance?

Step 1 Set up the Calendar session days here
Step 2 Configure the portals for attendance here

#4 Guidance: Student Schedule changes Best Practices

Are student course change requests in high volume? Do new guidance counselors need PD on the process to change a student’s schedule?

Best Practices for replacing student’s courses can be found here

#5 Systems Administration: Swapping teachers assigned to courses

Are long-term or short-term subs filling in? Do you need to switch the primary teacher for a course?

To switch the teacher assigned to a course click here

#6 Systems Administration: Using Clever to provision unmanaged systems

Do you want to take an unmanaged software system and make it automated and managed? Are you looking to synchronize student user names and passwords across multiple systems? Do you need to provision a software system with initial MMS data?

Sign up for Clever, and integrate with 100+ software systems (learning management systems, gradebooks, and assessment tools) by clicking here
Do you want to see if a new application your district purchased is supported? Click here

#7 Systems Administration: Preparing MMS & One Call Now for attendance calls

Are you ready to roll over to the new school year and start sending automated attendance calls through One Call Now? Are you looking to provision One Call Now with this year’s data?

Click here
Do you want to create call lists in One Call Now? Click here

#8 Teachers: Setting up class categories and averaging methods

Do your new teachers need a walk-through on configuring the teacher portal? Do existing teachers need a refresher course?

Click here

#9 Systems Administration: Managing teacher account change requests

Do you need to add new teachers to the system? Do you need to change teacher passwords?

Click here

#10 Parents: Parent portal account creation & password management

Do parents have questions about creating accounts? Are parents requesting password changes, or are they locked out of their accounts?

For creating parent accounts click here
For info on how to reset a parent login click here