MMS News – April 2017

Your Top 10 Support Answers for April
To save you time as you get ready for student photos, PVAAS, GPAs, honor roll, online course registrations, skills report cards, and school year roll over, here are the answers to the Top 10 support requests we receive each April.

Need help with PVAAS reporting? Select a step below.
PVAAS Part 1 Preparing your PVAAS Data.
PVAAS Part 2 Create Update Teacher Assignments.
PVAAS Part 3 Create Update Teacher Student Responsibility.
PVAAS Part 4 Staff Student Subtest.

#2 Everything Scheduling
Ready to start scheduling?
View all our Knowledge Base articles on scheduling.
View all of our Knowledge Base articles on using the ASB.
Withdraw Students from a Course.

#3 Extending Attendance Dates
Are teachers unable to take attendance?
Check the Calendar session days here.
Check marking period dates in the portal here.

#4 Calculating GPA and Class Rank
Ready to start on this year’s transcripts? Class Rank missing from transcripts? Need to compute Class Rank for list building?
For Term GPA, go here.
For Career GPA, go here.
For Current Year GPA, go here.
Compute or Add Class Rank to transcripts by clicking here.
Clear Class Rank Field by clicking here.

#5 Calculating Term and Semester Averages
Time to Calculate Final, Quarter, or Semester one averages?
Calculate Term and Semester Averages in MMS Generations.

#6 Systems Administration: RDP Account Unlocks and Password Resets
Are user accounts locked? Do users need their passwords changed? We have some resources available that can help.
Unlock RDP accounts and change RDP account passwords from MMS Generations.

#7 Configure Online Course Registration
Ready to start course registration for 17-18?
Configure online course registration.

#8 Everything Skills Report Card
Skills Grades missing or blank from the Skills Report Card? Need to transfer attendance totals for a student to the student report card? Unable to print skills report cards for new students?
Display the missing grades.
Transfer attendance totals to the report card.
Assign a skills report card to students enrolled after the start of school.

#9 Parents: Parent Portal account creation and password management
Do parents have questions about creating accounts? Are parents requesting password changes, or are they locked out of their accounts?
Create a Parent Portal account.
Re-set a parent login.

#10 School Year Maintenance and Roll Over
Looking to start building the new school year early? Getting ready to start on next year’s schedules?
For Administrative Checklist for the New School Year, click here.
For a short video on setting up the new school year to schedule, click here.

For more short videos on the above, try out our new video gallery.

Still need to contact support? Try our new support form to submit a request.

Translators Wanted – Help Engage ESL Families
Multiple studies show that one of the keys to student success is strong parental engagement. Non-English speaking and ESL families will get some help this Spring as we release our new CR Family Portal- a multi-lingual portal designed to make it easy for your parents to engage with both the school and their students. CR Family can support an unlimited number of languages and character sets to remove any language barriers that some families might experience.

There are 2 ways you can be involved as we get ready to release:

  1. We’d like to know what languages are prevalent among your parents
  2. We have opportunities for translators to proof and edit text within CR Family

Please take a moment to let us know how you’d like to help.

The Most Popular Professional Development for April!
We have a full calendar of professional development opportunities for you. Learn to use your MMS to your best advantage! Here are the most popular sessions that we offer in April:

Standards/Skills Report Cards #1: Getting Started Apr 3 1:00pm Register
Graduation Requirements Apr 4 10:30am Register
Standards/Skills Report Cards #2: Scheduling Apr 5 11:00am Register
Open Forum Apr 6 1:30pm Register
Section Patterns (ASB #1) Apr 10 1:00pm Register
Scheduling Constraints (ASB #2) Apr 11 10:30am Register
Running the ASB (ASB #3) Apr 12 11:00am Register
Open Forum Apr 13 9:00am Register
End of the Year Reporting Apr 17 1:00pm Register
Getting Ready for the New School Year Apr 18 10:30am Register
GPA and Class Rank Apr 19 11:00am Register
Open Forum Apr 20 1:30pm Register
Team Scheduling Apr 24 1:00pm Register
Grade Averaging Apr 25 10:30am Register
Transfer Grade Editor Apr 26 11:00am Register
Open Forum Apr 27 1:30pm Register

Sign up for a session today!