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Engage Families with the CR Family Mobile App
When families stay informed, your students have a better chance at success. If you haven’t integrated the CR Family Mobile App into your school’s toolkit yet, you’re not taking advantage of the opportunities that MMS OnLine offers your school. Don’t be left out. You can see for yourself how we are improving parent engagement – Watch the video here!

In its second release, CR Family Mobile now gives students access to their data via cellphone or tablet, using iOS or Android. Use the app to stay informed about homework, assignments, grades, and more. Expand communication by making parents aware of discipline infractions as they happen. The CR Family Mobile App gives you:

  • CR Student Access to real-time assignment, schedule, and attendance data
  • CR Family Communications – Email and Call directly from CR Family
  • Data Management- Users can configure app data usage profiles and more!

Get Started Now: Call 888.665.4046 or email to start using CR Family.

Coming Soon-Spring Update Schedule
New development at Computer Resources is moving quickly. To keep you informed, we’d like to give you a look at our plans for the future. The releases of Web Portals (with its Staff Portal enhancements), CR Family Mobile App, Staff Portal, and Teacher Dashboards present opportunities for you and your staff to manage student information more effectively than ever before.

The list below will give you a sense of the delivery dates for new features you can look forward to:

CR Family Mobile App updates now including:

  • student data access to schedules, attendance, grades, and discipline
  • parents can call the school, and email teachers and staff, from the app
  • VISION Teacher Reporting (contact your sales consultant for more info.)

CR Family Portal Beta

  • CR Family Portal will have Multi-lingual support – including English, French, German, Spanish, and Korean
  • Enhanced parent portal to encourage and facilitate communication

CR Family Portal and Admin Portal upgrades

  • Web-based user management in Admin Portal adds enhanced functionality to create and manage user accounts for staff and teachers

CR has released many new features and improvements in the past few months and there are more high-impact updates on the way. For more information on our fully web-based interface project, call CR MMS Product Manager Patrick Grace or 888-665-4046.

Top 10 March Support Answers
To save you time as you get ready for student photos, PVAAS, GPAs and honor roll, online course registrations, and school year rollover, here are the answers to the Top 10 support requests we receive each March.

Need help with PVAAS reporting? Just select a step below:
PVAAS Part 1 Preparing your PVAAS Data
PVAAS Part 2 Create Update Teacher Assignments
PVAAS Part 3 Create Update Teacher Student Responsibility
PVAAS Part 4 Staff Student Subtest

#2 Everything Scheduling
Ready to start scheduling?
To view all of our knowledge base articles on scheduling click here.
To view all of our knowledge base articles on using the ASB click here.

#3 Withdrawing Students
Withdrawing students from courses?
Try it from the staff portal here.

#4 Calculating GPA and Class Rank
Ready to start on this year’s transcripts? Class Rank missing from transcripts? Need to compute Class Rank for list building?
For Term GPA, click here.
For Career GPA, click here.
For Current Year GPA, click here.
Compute or Add Class Rank to transcripts by clicking here.
Clear Class Rank Field by clicking here.

#5 Calculating Term and Semester Averages
Time to Calculate Final, Quarter, or Semester one averages?
To Calculate Term and Semester Averages in MMS Generations, click here.

#6 Importing Student Pictures
Plan to import student pictures?
For MMS Online, click here.
For Self-Hosted, click here.

#7 Configure Online Course Registration
Ready to start course registration for 17-18?
Configure online course registration, click here.

#8 Configuring One Call Now
Need to change the data being exported to One Call Now?
For info on how to configure One Call Now click here.

#9 Exporting Files
Looking for a way to export files from your MMS Online instance?
For assistance with configuring Output options from MMS Generations, click here.

#10 School Year Maintenance and Roll Over
Looking to start building the new school year early? Getting ready to start on next year’s schedules?
For Administrative Checklist for the New School Year, click here.
For a short video on setting up the new school year to schedule, click here.

For more short videos on the above, try out our new video gallery.
Still need to contact support? Try our new support form to submit a request.

Staff Portal Opens Possibilities
In case you haven’t noticed, your Staff Portal now contains new functionality that allows you edit right from the portal. Make edits to attendance, discipline, grades, and scheduling as changes take place. No need to log into Generations to edit data. The Staff Portal gives you the editors you need when you need them. Process data more quickly and efficiently with this improved user interface.

This is just one of many recent improvements to your MMS. Computer Resources is here to make it easy for educators, parents, and students to find and use all available student data to create more effective learning environments. Watch for more improvements and enhancements in the months to come. Questions about Staff Portal functionality? Give us a call at 888.665.4046.

We’ll See You at the PA Data Summit
Join us at the PA Department of Education Data Summit for an important MMS Users’ session. We will outline the CR roadmap for the next 12 months, including plans for upgrades to SIS, Reporting, and Mobile applications. We’ll also take the time to review recent enhancements and pending releases for:

  • CR Family Mobile
  • CR Family Portal Beta
  • Staff Portal enhancements
  • VISION Data Quality Dashboards and Reporting for PIMS Administrators
  • Teacher Dashboards for VISION and upcoming release dates

Tuesday, March 14, 2017
4:30 PM
Cocoa Terrace Room

CR has released many new features and improvements in the past few months and there are more high-impact updates on the way! See what’s coming next as we discuss our roadmap and the path forward.

Register HERE for the session and we’ll enter you into a drawing for a Galaxy Tablet!

We hope to see you there.

Questions about the PA Data Summit? Contact Chuck Pickens at or 888.665.4046.

More Tips for Effective Scheduling
Last month’s newsletter featured the first steps in Scheduling – Planning and Initial Data Gathering. Next, let’s examine the next phase of Scheduling: Course Registration.

There are several ways to enter students’ course requests into the MMS database. After entering the requests, there are a few other tasks to complete before the scheduling process begins.

Import the Course Requests from the MMS Web Portal. For this process, we have two video tutorials, in addition to the Web Based Course Registration and Alternates Setup in our Knowledge Base:

Use online registration in a controlled environment. Encourage students to log into the student portal while at school. Guidance personnel can be available to answer questions.

Collect and enter student course requests. In MMS, enter Initial Course Requests using the student editor. And follow up with Mass-Edit Student Course Records.

Verify student course requests and alternates using the following reports:

  • Scheduling Student Record Listing
  • Scheduling Student Alternate Listing

Use these tools to help determine how many sections of each course to offer and where to place singletons and doubletons:

  • Course Tally and Cross-Reference Reports.
  • MMS course constraints or the course section table

Make a backup of the entire database, especially if you do not do this on a scheduled basis. We already make daily backups for MMS OnLine clients.

Create your first Check Point and start scheduling!

For nearly forty years, Computer Resources has been the leader in student scheduling technology. If you have questions about preparing for scheduling, contact Elaine Boyd at or 888.665.4046.

Professional Development
March is a wonderful time to sharpen your skills and prepare for the PD you’ll need in the coming spring. We have a full calendar of live webinars lined up for your professional development needs so you can plan ahead. The convenient live webinars and the recorded webinars from our video library are free to users whose schools have an Unlimited Webinar Subscription.

Here are the webinars we have scheduled in March:

March 6
Student Filters
Intended Audience: Guidance and Secretaries
The concept of Filters may seem confusing at first. A Filter shapes your MMS experience by allowing you to work with a specific subset of students. You can create filters to allow you to work exclusively with students who have IEPs, students with 10 or more absences, students with missing schedules, etc. There are thousands of possible ways to customize student criteria and sort order.

March 7
Setting Up the Parent/Student Portal
Intended Audience: Admin, Guidance, and Secretaries
Not using the Parent and Student Portals yet? Now is a good time to learn how to set up the Parent/Student Portals. With this process, you are able to use language that parents will understand. Share as much information as necessary. It is very easy to change the settings through the school year as needed.

March 8
Ramp Up Student Information
Intended Audience: Registrars, Guidance, and Secretaries
This webinar explores how to manage contacts, mass-edit demographics, and update records in multiple school years. Register a student after the school year has started by entering their demographics, and then continue with attendance, schedules, and health. Learn how to get a returning student’s information into the current year.

March 9
Timely Topic: Report Cards
Intended Audience: Secretaries and Guidance
Timely Topics is a forum where you bring your questions and we tap questions from Support calls and Professional Development. Today’s topic is all about Report Cards. Subject report cards, Standards report cards, or Skills report cards. We invite you to join in the discussion. Please submit your questions to

March 13
Intended Audience: Admin and Guidance
Now is the time to review your data for the PVAAS export and review the multi-step process to create files needed for the PA DOE.

March 14
Graduation Requirements
Intended Audience: Guidance
Track how students are progressing toward graduation based on credits earned by department. Requirements are limited by year of graduation so needs can be reflected in future years.

March 15
Attendance Reporting
Intended Audience: Secretaries and Guidance
Learn how to use the attendance data, entered through Daily Attendance or Class Attendance, to identify trends. In this webinar, you will learn how to set up reports for the Teacher Portal, learn which reports are good to identify trends, and learn which reports are key for year-end reporting.

March 16
Timely Topic: PRW
Intended Audience: Admin, Guidance, and Secretaries
Timely Topics is a forum in which you bring your questions and we pull questions from Support and Professional Development. Today’s topic is all about PRW. Do you want to make changes to an existing report? Do you wonder if a request is possible? If time allows, we will show off CR’s newest reporting tool: VISION. We invite you to join in the discussion. Please submit your questions to

March 20
Grade Book Summary Grid
Intended Audience: Teachers
Learn about the power tool of the Summary Grid. Create assignments, manage your students, enter grades, and more.

March 21
Setting Up Online Course Registration
Intended Audience: Guidance and Secretaries
Learn how to set up course catalog information for the upcoming year and limit which courses students may select. Implement Course Alternates. See how students can input course requests in the Parent or Student Portal on your website. Once finalized, import these requests back into your database and continue with the scheduling process.

March 22
Import Online Course Requests
Intended Audience: Guidance and Secretaries
Learn how to import student requests from Online Course Registration into your database. This session will also cover some key reports to generate during and after the import.

March 23
Timely Topic: Grades
Intended Audience: Guidance and Secretaries
Timely Topics is a forum where you bring your questions and we pull more questions from Support and Professional Development. Today’s topic is all about Grades. This is a huge component of MMS. Bring your questions on grade entry, operations, reports, or any of the grade editors. We invite you to join in the discussion. Please submit your questions to

March 27
GPA and Class Rank
Intended Audience: Guidance
Learn what you need to compute the end of year GPA and Class Rank. See how it impacts report cards and transcripts.

March 28
Grade Averaging
Intended Audience: Admin, Guidance, and Secretaries
Grade Averaging allows you to weight various grades into an average based on the numeric grades or grade points. Decide what to do if a grade is missing in the calculation. Set additional rules for exclusion. Set up a minimum grade. Implement the Current Final Averages for the Web Portals.

March 29
Troubleshooting Report Cards
Intended Audience: Admin, Guidance, and Secretaries
Join us for a unique webinar that will cover the most common problems that arise when producing any report card through MMS (MMS Generation’s Default, Standards Report Card, and Skills Report Cards).

March 30
Timely Topic: Scheduling
Intended Audience: Admin, Guidance, and Secretaries
Timely Topics is a forum where you bring your questions and we pull questions from Support and Professional Development. Today’s topic is all about scheduling. Bring your questions on patterns, constraints, ASB, or any of the MMS schedule editors. Try to stump Elaine with your scheduling questions! We invite you to join in the discussion. Please submit your questions to

To register for a live webinar or to watch one of our many recorded webinars, you will need to log into with your school’s account number. Don’t know your school’s account number?  Send CR Support an email HERE and we’ll get it to you.

Click here to register for a webinar today

Not sure how to access your webinars? Click HERE for directions.

We are always open to suggestions for new topics for our webinars. If there is a topic that you would like, please feel free to contact our Professional Development Manager, Elaine Boyd, at or 888.665.4046.

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