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Coming Soon- MMS Winter Release 2016!

Winter 2016 delivers many advances that CR users have been looking for, including:

  • Mobile Parent Application- CR Family!
  • Extensive Web Interface Expansion
  • Integrated Parent Communication
  • New Formatted Export Options
  • VISION- Operational Data Store and Teacher Dashboards

Preview available here!

Plan for increased web adoption across all of your end-users!

Your answers are here – The Top 10 support answers for December:

To save you time as you get ready for report cards, snow days, and school year roll over, here are the answers to the Top 10 support requests we receive each December.

#1 Configuring & Printing the Daily Attendance Bulletin
Want to deliver the attendance bulletin to Portals users?
For help configuring the daily attendance bulletin click here.

#2 Snow Days
Have you recently had a snow day? Do you need to delay automated phone calls from One Call Now? Need to make bus delay calls? Does your calendar need to be adjusted for a snow day?
Zero out calendar session days here (step 3 for the MMS Generations Calendar Editor) or (Step 2c for the Staff Portal Calendar Editor).
Extend marking period dates in the portal here.
To update Student Contact Info Manually in One Call Now Click (Step 8) here.
Want to create new call lists in One Call Now? Click here.

#3 Calculating Term & Semester Averages
Time to Calculate Final, Quarter, or Semester one averages?
To Calculate Term and Semester Averages in MMS Generations Click here.

#4 Calculating Credits 
Calculating Credits for use in transcripts?
For Current Year click here.
For Career Click here.
Course Credits not Calculating Correctly? Click here.

#5 Calculating GPA & Class Rank
Ready to start on this year’s transcripts? Class Rank missing from transcripts? Need to compute Class Rank for list building?
For Term GPA Click here.
For Career GPA Click here.
For Current Year GPA Click here.
Compute or Add Class Rank to transcripts by clicking here.
Clear Class Rank Field by clicking here.

#6 Gradebook Averages
Issues with Final Grade not calculating for the quarter? Need to unlock and recalculate grades?
To find out why, click here.
For unlocking and recalculating grades click (step 3) here.

#7 EWS
Setting up or configuring the EWS for the first time? Ready to roll EWS to the new school year?
For configuration of the EWS agent click here.
For rollover steps, click here.

#8 Parent Portal account creation & password management
Do parents have questions about creating accounts? Are parents requesting password changes, or are they locked out of their accounts?
For creating parent accounts click here.
For info on how to reset a parent login click here.

#9 Everything Skills Report Card
Skills Grades missing or blank from the Skills Report Card? Need to transfer attendance totals for a student to the student report card? Unable to print skills report cards for new students?
To display the missing grades click here.
To transfer attendance totals to the report card click here.
To assign a skills report card to students enrolled after the start of school click here.

#10 School Year Maintenance & Roll Over
Looking to start building the new school year early? Getting ready to start on next year’s schedules?
For Administrative Checklist for the New School Year click here.
For a short video on setting up the new school year to schedule, click here.

For more short videos on the above, try out our new video gallery.

Still need to contact support? Try our new support form to submit a request.


Professional Development: December webinars and timely topics
We have a full calendar of live webinars lined up for your professional development needs. The convenient live webinars and the recorded webinars from our video library are free to users whose schools have an Unlimited Webinar Subscription. For all other users, the webinars are available for a nominal connection fee.

Here are the topics we have scheduled for December:

Monday, December 5 Health 101
Tuesday, December 6 Scheduling
Wednesday, December 7 Setting Up Transcripts
Thursday, December 8 Scheduling
Monday, December 12 Ready for the New School Year?
Tuesday, December 13 School Year Maintenance
Wednesday, December 14 Eight Stages of Scheduling
Thursday, December 15 School Year Maintenance
Monday, December 19 ASB Section Patterns
Tuesday, December 20 Scheduling
Wednesday, December 21 ASB Constraints
Thursday, December 22 Scheduling
Tuesday, December 27 Running the Automated Schedule Builder
Wednesday, December 28 Ask Me Anything!
Thursday, December 29 Running the Automated Schedule Builder

Click here to register for a webinar today.

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