Top 10 Support Answers for October… and CR News

Before you call… here are the Top 10 support answers for October:

#1 Attendance Topics
Sending student attendance reports to parents via mail merge? Calculating attendance totals for the report card?
For help with attendance mail merge here
To transfer attendance totals to the report card click here

#2 EWS Topics
Configuring EWS for the new school year or setting up the EWS for the first time? Ready to roll EWS to the new school year?
For configuration of the EWS agent click here
For rollover steps, click here

#3 Progress Report and Report Card Topics
Need to assign report cards to newly entered students? Subject or skills grades missing from a report card? Calculating attendance totals for the report card?
To assign a skills report card click here
To display the missing grades click here
To transfer attendance totals to the report card click here

#4 Teacher Portal Grades
Issues with Final Grade not calculating for the quarter? Need to unlock and recalculate grades?
To find out why, click here
For unlocking and recalculating grades click here

#5 PIMS Reports
Getting ready to export PIMS data?
To find out how to export PIMS data to your work station, click here
For answers to frequently asked PIMS questions click here

#6 Managing and Resetting Parent Portal Accounts
Do parents have questions about creating accounts? Are parents requesting password changes, or are they locked out of their accounts?
For creating parent accounts click here
For information on how to reset a parent login click here

#7 Extending Marking Period Dates
Teachers need some more time to enter grades? Want to extend the marking period for a single teacher?
For instructions on extending marking periods click here
Try configuring overrides by clicking here

#8 Teacher Portal: Copying Assignments
Need to copy assignments from last year for a new course section?
To copy assignments from one term/year to another click here
To Transfer Assignment and Assignment Grades click here
To learn how to Move and Combine sections without losing grades click here

#9 Notifying Parents via Biographical Mail Merge
Do you need to send out a mass notification to parents that report cards are being released?
To send it via the portals click here

#10 Discipline Mail Merge
Do you need to send out a mass notification to parents regarding student discipline?
To configure the discipline mail merge in Generations, click here

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2-Way LMS Integration

Several popular Learning Management Systems now share data back and forth with MMS. Student provisioning and gradebook synchronization eliminates double-entry for teachers and makes LMS activity available through MMS and the Parent Portal. Integrations include:

  • Canvas
  • Schoology
  • Blackboard Learn
  • and more!

All integrations are fully automated and function on a scheduled basis that you determine. Reduce your staff’s data-entry and recordkeeping chores by streamlining learning management with your student information system.

Click here to learn more



MMS goes mobile with CR Family

When families are engaged and aware of what happens in a student’s day, they can play an important role in keeping their students on a path to success. The CR Family Mobile App provides secure, self-service, mobile access to families so they can monitor a student’s daily activities at school.

​Parents serve a vital role in instilling good study habits, curbing behavioral issues, and guiding students toward academic success. With the CR Family Engagement Portal, families get real-time access to grades, progress reports, homework, missing assignments announcements, attendance, behavioral incidents, and more.  Open communication between parents and students keeps everyone actively participating in the educational process. By keeping parents involved, there are no surprises when a progress report or report card arrives.
CR Family is included with all MMS OnLine accounts–No additional fees for activation. Simply contact your sales consultant to initiate set-up or call 888.665.4046.



VISION Dashboarding and Reporting

VISION uses data from MMS and other district-wide applications to provide comprehensive insight into trends affecting student success. The complete web-based, self-service reporting experience of VISION gives administrators the data necessary to put their schools on the path to success.

Timely access to data, presented visually, makes it easy for educators to implement strategic initiatives. Available via the web or handheld, VISION allows schools and districts to create custom dashboards and analysis to support daily activities.

VISION allows administrators to evaluate relationships that drive school culture and climate. Uncovering opportunities gives schools a strong edge when seeking funding, improving graduation rates, and chronicling student success.

“VISION and MMS have the potential to be complete game-changers in data collection and analysis. Data that in the past would have taken hours, or even days to compile is now at your fingertips at any time. Data-driven decision making just got a lot easier with the near real-time data that we can pull from MMS.”
Pat Raugh
Susquehanna Township School District

Click here to learn more about VISION



Professional Development: October webinars and timely topics
We have a full calendar of live webinars lined up for your professional development needs. The convenient live webinars and the recorded webinars from our video library are free to users whose schools have an Unlimited Webinar Subscription. For all other users, the webinars are available for a nominal connection fee.

Here are the topics we have scheduled for October:

Student Filters – Monday, Oct. 3
Attendance – Tuesday, Oct. 4
Managing your database – Monday, Oct. 10
VISION – Tuesday, Oct. 11
GPA and class rank – Wednesday, Oct. 12
VISION – Thursday, Oct. 13
Honor roll – Monday, Oct. 17
Report cards – Tuesday, Oct. 18
Are you ready for report cards? – Wednesday, Oct. 19
Report cards – Thursday, Oct. 20
Communicating with parents – Monday, Oct. 24
Communication – Tuesday, Oct. 25
Gradebook operations – Wednesday, Oct.26
Communication – Thursday, Oct. 27

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