MMS News – August 2015

MMS Knowledge Base opens

Our MMS Knowledge Base is now available without having to log into the CRLLC website. You can find answers to many of your questions about MMS using the Knowledge Base. Simply go to and click on the link for the Knowledge Base. Additionally, you will see a new area for Featured, Popular, and Related Knowledge Base Articles, for your convenience. After searching, the results will return the top 15 articles that meet your search criteria. Try it out today!

MMS users in the news

MMS users from Pennsylvania School Districts were recently interviewed by Pittsburgh Parent Magazine. “Exploring the PA Core Standards” by Jill L. Ferguson hopes to clarify some of the common misconceptions about the Common Core in PA. We are grateful to our clients, Mandy Filioli of Burgettstown School District, and Joetta Britvich of Albert Gallatin School District for speaking to these important issues.

Read the article here…

Welcome to the newest MMS OnLine users

Computer Resources would like to welcome the following schools and districts to MMS OnLine:

  • Blue Ridge School District
  • Imani Circle Education Center
  • St Clair School District
  • Wallingford Swarthmore School District

MMS OnLine offers the same rock-solid student information platform found in MMS, but with a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) implementation. The SaaS model of MMS OnLine represents a great value for schools, eliminating the overhead of software licensing, server maintenance, and multiple vendor contracts. MMS OnLine enables schools to streamline the management of their student information so school administrators can keep their staff focused on improving instruction, instead of maintaining complex computerized systems. Contact us at if you’d like more information about MMS OnLine for your school.

SNAP Health Center – FREE Webinar

Experience a complete Electronic Health Record (EHR)- a necessity for your students and your school.



You’re invited to learn how SNAP Health Center and MMS can provide nurses with the right tools to make documentation easier, engage parents, and facilitate positive outcomes.

Join us on Wednesday, August 12th at 2:30 PM EST and we’ll teach you everything you need, including how to:

  • Stay ahead of district-wide health concerns and safety risks before problems arise
  • Be confident in immunization audit compliance
  • Facilitate communication between medical staff, teachers, and parents to maximize academic performance
  • Synchronize critical student health data across secure systems
  • Report on and analyze the overall health status of a district
  • Stay in 100% compliance with FERPA and HIPAA
  • Access both MMS Student Information and SNAP Health Center anytime, anywhere through secure cloud services

Don’t be left out, register for this FREE webinar today!

August Webinars

We have a full calendar of MMS webinars lined up for you professional development needs. The convenient live webinars and the recorded webinars from our video library are free to users whose schools have a MMS Unlimited Webinar Subscription. For all other users, the webinars are available for a nominal connection fee.


Click here to register for a webinar today.

New webinars are added on a continuous basis. Here are just some of the topics we have scheduled this month:

All Users:
Aug. 5, 2015 Wednesday Getting Around MMS
Aug. 7, 2015 Friday Friday Forum
Aug. 14, 2015 Friday Friday Forum
Aug. 21, 2015 Friday Friday Forum
Aug. 27, 2015 Thursday Teacher Portal
Aug. 28, 2015 Friday Friday Forum
Aug. 25, 2015 Tuesday Health 101: Getting Started
Administrators and Guidance Counselors:
Aug. 3, 2015 Monday Getting Ready for the New Year
Aug. 11, 2015 Tuesday Scheduling Students After School Starts
Aug. 13, 2015 Thursday Keeping the Database Healthy
Aug. 17, 2015 Monday Ramp Up Student Information
Aug. 18, 2015 Tuesday Fees and Payment Portal

Click here to learn how a MMS Unlimited Webinar Subscription can make your job easier.

Click here to request information about purchasing a MMS Unlimited Webinar Subscription for your school.
Webinar Subscription FAQs:

How can I register for a MMS Training Webinar?

Visit the webinar registration calendar on our website.

How much does it cost to attend a MMS training webinar?
When you have a MMS Unlimited Webinar Subscription, you may attend MMS webinars at absolutely no additional cost. Without a MMS Unlimited Webinar Subscription, there is a charge for each connection. MMS Unlimited Webinar Subscriptions start at $900 per year.

If I have a MMS Unlimited Webinar Subscription, what should I do when the website displays a fee when I register?
Because of your special status, this can simply be ignored. Whenever you register for a MMS training webinar, we will ensure that your subscription is valid. If so, we send you connection details by email to confirm your registration. If you have a subscription, you would have received an email entitled, “Unlimited Webinar Subscription Credentials,” that contains your username and password information.