Better Outcomes Through Data Quality

Industry conferences are often simply marketing events that feature what technology is available to clients. They rarely foster conversations about what features are needed and why they are important. The Pennsylvania Department of Education Data Summit is a very different kind of conference. In March 2015, the PA DoE organized the second summit of department officials, industry leaders, and local education agencies for a conference that put a focus on data quality.

The conference theme, Moving Beyond Compliance: Getting Value Out of Data, encapsulated the purpose and goals of the event. Just imagine a conference rich in content where attendees rush from one session to another, hoping to get a seat in rooms optimized for discussion.

As the Pennsylvania Manager of the MMS Student Information Platform, Charles Pickens presented a well-attended session on a topic that explored building business rules into a student information system and the positive impact for database administrators – largely better data, oversight, and accurate metrics for better educational outcomes. He also sat on a panel exploring the automation of submissions through modern technology with eScholar’s Russell Redgate (PA Data Warehouse vendor) and Albert Gallatin ASD’s Kathy Hershberger (PIMS Administrator & Early Warning System Data Steward). Computer Resources Group VP, Michael Bronder, served as a panelist for a session about the future expectations from school data systems.

Our presence and leadership at these conferences ensures that your MMS solidly remains the cornerstone of your student information management system. You don’t need to wait until the next data summit to benefit from our insights and experience. We’d love to continue the discussion with you at your convenience. Feel free to contact us at to discuss the future of data management.