MMS News February 2015


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Your friends at Computer Resources

MMS Signs Student Privacy Pledge

In January, the staff of Computer Resources became signatories of the K-12 School Service Provider Pledge to Safeguard Student Privacy, reinforcing our commitment to treating student data responsibly.

“K-12 school service providers are honored to be entrusted by educators and families to support their educational needs and school operations. School service providers take responsibility to both support the effective use of student information and safeguard student privacy and information security.”

Read more about the Pledge to Safeguard Student Privacy here.

Early Warning System and Intervention Catalog

Pennsylvania educators, inspired largely by the Frontline documentary, “Middle School Moment,” began to explore the creation of an Early Warning System (EWS) to recognize trends in students’ attendance, behavior, and course grades that might indicate higher risk of failure further along in their educational experience.

While EWS is based on the Ed-Fi Alliances data standards and dashboards, the Pennsylvania Department of Education extended the EWS functionality to include an Intervention Catalog so that administrators and teachers might have easier access to resources to address student needs both in and out of the classroom. This intervention catalog contains locally curated resources that might help districts address a wide range of challenges, from homelessness and the effects of severe poverty, to behavioral and discipline issues, as well as academic counseling and resources.

Computer Resources, developers of the MMS Student Information Platform, took a leading role in the testing and roll-out of this project, recruiting over 20 districts to participate in the first cohort, establishing data-quality standards, and developing real-time web services to ensure that the Early Warning System indeed fulfilled its goal of identifying issues before it was too late to intervene. We are very proud of the results, which are already being recognized by MMS districts across Pennsylvania.

Learn more here.

Introducing the MMS Knowledge Base

Our MMS Knowledge Base is now available. One of the steps we have taken to make MMS friendlier and easier to use is the creation of a Knowledge Base that you can access through Simply log in with your account number and click the Knowledge Base link on the right. Follow the prompts and you will see a list of Knowledge Base articles. You can search keywords to find informative articles and related information about the subjects of your choice.

This is only the beginning for our knowledge base availability. There are many more articles and information bites to come. Check back often to find information you need.

February Webinars

We have a full calendar of MMS training webinars lined up. The convenient live webinars and the recorded webinars from our video library are free to users whose schools have a MMS Unlimited Webinar Subscription. For other users, the webinars are available for a nominal connection fee.


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New webinars are added on a continuous basis. Here are just some of the topics we have scheduled:

All Users:
Wednesday Feb. 4 Student Filters
Friday Feb. 6 Friday Forum
Tuesday Feb. 10 Calculating Grade Averages
Friday Feb. 13 Friday Forum – Custom Reporting w/PRW
Friday Feb. 20 Friday Forum
Friday Feb. 27 Friday Forum – Custom Reporting w/PRW
New Users:
Wednesday Feb. 4 Getting Around MMS
Administrators and Guidance Counselors:
Tuesday Feb. 3 Getting Ready for the New Year
Thursday Feb. 5 Custom Reporting w/PRW 1: The Basics
Thursday Feb. 5 Ramp Up Student Information
Monday Feb. 9 Setting Up Transcripts
Tuesday Feb. 10 Custom Reporting w/PRW 2: Summaries
Wednesday Feb. 11 Grade Point Averages and Class Rank
Thursday Feb. 12 Keeping the Database Healthy
Wednesday Feb. 18 Discipline Reporting & School Safety
Thursday Feb. 19 Graduation Requirements
Tuesday Feb. 24 Mail Merge: Communicating w/Parents
Tuesday Feb. 24 Web Based Course Registration
Wednesday Feb. 25 Custom Reporting w/PRW 3: Details
Thursday Feb. 26 Recording Standardized Testing & Assessment
School Nurses:
Tuesday Feb. 17 Health Screenings
State Reporting:
Tuesday Feb. 17 PA PIMS Student and Program Facts
Thursday Feb. 19 PA PIMS Student Course Submissions
Monday Feb. 23 NH i.4.see


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